You see all those great videos and commercials online and probably think, “Wow, I wish I could have something like that for my business, but I’m sure I can’t afford it.”  That’s why we are here.

The advantages of having a professional, entertaining, captivating video on your website, social media, and youtube channel are like catching someone’s attention with Adele singing instead of trying to get them to read a book.

The reason is simple – people are emotional beings, and we feel before we think.

We are more interested in things that make us feel good first, and then we will look deeper.  If we have to do the thinking without having a good feeling first, we often click to where it feels better.

Marketing research has proven that people do not make decisions purely based on logic.  First they get a feeling – and then they look for logical reasons to support that feeling.

Videos are wonderful for creating feelings.  Remember the Budweiser commercial with the little puppy that was adopted out, and the Clydesdales stopped the car to bring him home?  Everyone loved that commercial because it made them feel so good.

Your visitors won’t be the only ones to feel good.  You’ll feel great as well since professional videos increase conversions on websites by over 500%!  Now there’s something to feel good about.

Most small businesses think they can’t afford high quality videos for their business, which is why we are here.  We want to give you the advantages the big companies get by working smart instead of expensive.  Call (810) 373-5165 today and let’s discuss how we can get you the advantages of video for your business.

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