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1. We are excellent at online marketing. Lots of people can code sites, but site coding is only a piece of the puzzle.  Graphic Designers can make the site beautiful, but that’s just a piece as well.  Will the site get you more customers?  That takes a team who knows marketing, code, graphic design, and online technology.  We are that team.

2. Our prices are scary low – scary to other marketing companies.  We keep our overhead practically nil by working on a per job basis with creative geniuses in the field, and the savings get passed on to you, as well as a brilliant website and marketing strategy.

3. We are local.  It’s amazing how out-of-town website designers can all of a sudden be out-of-sight and sound as well when there are problems.  We are right here in your neighborhood, and we love working with our local businesses and giving them advantages that are usually only enjoyed by the big spenders.  And if you aren’t in our neighborhood, we treat you as if you are.

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Here are a few examples of videos and websites created by Guello Marketing. Quality videos on home pages increase conversions by over 400%. Most small businesses can’t afford high quality videos and websites, so they either don’t do them, or they get something done that isn’t high quality. We provide a third alternative – high quality custom videos and websites to fit any budget. Payment plans available same as cash. Call (810) 373-5165 for more information.



“Our results with Guello Marketing have been outstanding. The video they produced has great creativity and a fantastic use of technologies. Communication during the multiple steps of the process was timely and professional. Input was welcomed and respected. We look forward to continuing our relationship to bring Stroebel Automotive to the front of potential customer’s minds.”

-Dale Stroebel

“As a fellow member of the mastermind group with Darcy I have to say that I am so impressed and thankful to be able to draw such good creative ideas from what Darcy brings to the table. In my opinion any business that she’s involved with can’t help but prosper from her direction and advice.”

-David Parsons