Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the coveted trump card in online strategy. When you optimize your business online right, you then trump your competition by showing up organically on the first page of search terms for your products or services.

The key to SEO is knowing two things – what terms your target market are searching for, and what the competition is doing to get on the first page results for those terms.

This takes careful research.  For example, when doing research for a jeweler a few years ago, we discovered people searched for “jeweller” spelled wrong (with two L’s) than for “jeweler” spelled correctly (with one L).  We made sure to add the wrong spelling strategically to his site.

If you want to get more customers organically, then you need to trump your competition, and we can help you do that.  Call (810) 373-5165 today for a free consultation to see what it will take to push one of your competitors to the second page while you take their place.  With SEO, if you’re not on the first page, you’re almost invisible.

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