1) It is the online face of your Saginaw company – consumers draw conclusions about you just by visiting your website. A poorly designed or outdated website can actually drive customers away.

2) When designed and optimized properly, your website will also attract potential new customers by ranking high in search engine results.

desktop-01Your Saginaw Small Business Website Design Special Package includes

  • Complete web design utilizing cutting-edge CMS platform (Content Management System)
  • You own your web design – One-time investment for web design; no required monthly fees
  • Multiple initial design concepts / templates to choose from
  • Up to 8 pages included – Platform allows you to add an unlimited number of pages
  • tablet-01-01Add new pages yourself, at any time, without paying extra and without any professional help
  • Free customer contact form – Get leads/feedback from website in your email
  • No long-term commitment; Our affordable hosting and management services are optional
  • Ability to update your website content yourself
  • Search engine friendly web site
  • Social Media Integration
  • Image Gallery
  • Free sitemap page
  • Google analytics setup
  • Dedicated contact personnel for your project
  • Search engine submission (Google/Bing/Yahoo)
  • Contact Page, with embedded contact submission form
  • Phone and e-mail support

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Many website designers are fantastic artists, capable of creating a great looking website, but it is rare to find a web designer that also has expert knowledge of marketing, consumer psychology and search engine optimization. At Guello Marketing, we bring every important function together for each website we design. We make sure that it will not only be extremely attractive, but that it also meets the following:

  • Easy to Navigate and Read
  • Drives the Desired Consumer Action and Reaction
  • Search Engine Optimized

Oh yes, we should add that our websites are extremely affordable!

Our Approach

To properly build an effective website for your Saginaw business, it takes several skill sets, including graphic design, web coding, copywriting, and marketing. Unlike most website design companies, we have all these skills in-house and we utilize them to the fullest to ensure each of our clients is extremely happy with their finished product, and more importantly that it fulfills the two vital functions listed above.

We utilize today’s most advanced Contact Management Systems when designing your website, which means that you will have the ability to make minor updates to your website on your own.

Though each client project is unique, our website development process follows four stages.

We’ll meet and speak with you to uncover what you’re looking to achieve for your Saginaw business and for your new website. During our planning conversations, we listen to your business goals and technical requirements of your vision. We’ll develop a list of project requirements and a detailed project plan. You’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the project plan, and also understand what role you’ll play in the overall development process.

Based on the information we capture during the planning stage, our team will develop an initial design. We’ll then walk through the design concepts and get your feedback, allowing us to understand the items you like and don’t like. From there, we’ll develop a full design for your review and approval. Even after initial approval of the full design, you’ll have opportunities to make minor changes without any additional cost.

Once the design is approved, our team jumps into development mode. This includes coding and content development. We work closely with our clients to develop site content that is SEO keyword rich. Our website designers ensure your website will work correctly on all major web browsers, that it is compliant and that it is in-line with your vision. You’ll have the opportunity to view the progress, and approve all content and images along the way.

Only after you’ve signed off on the end product will we launch your new website. As we launch, we’ll provide you with training sessions to make sure you are able to manage your new system easily and effectively.

Professional Website Management Services for Your Saginaw Business

Our website management service comprises of three different packages depending on the frequency of updates needed or desired and the number of pages your website comprises.

What is included in our Management Programs for Saginaw Businesses

  • Updating page content
  • Proofreading provided content for typos and grammar errors.
  • Updating photos/pictures
  • Creating small icons/graphics for better content presentation
  • Improving the presentation style of existing pages
  • Updating your site’s software whenever new versions are released.
  • Posting new content you provide, including basic SEO for new pages.
  • Searching for stock images based upon your criteria.
  • Creating banners
  • Creating additional pages for existing website
  • Menu updates
  • Link verification
  • Embedding videos
  • Updates to installed functionality / programs / modules
  • Style sheet updates and changes
  • Response within 48 hours
  • Responding to webmaster e-mails.
  • Emergency repairs due to hacker attacks

Our packages are designed to give you options based on the level of frequency you typically need updates to your website.

  1. Monthly Updates Program – Service levels provided on a monthly basis
  2. Bi-weekly Updates Program – Service levels provided on an every-other-week basis
  3. Weekly Updates Program – Service levels provided on a weekly basis

The investment for these programs varies according to the number of pages your website has.

Websites with less than 20 pages

If you are a start-up, a small business in Saginaw, or an individual, this package is an ideal way for you to keep on top of your website without spending high agency costs.

Website Management Program includes:

  • Unlimited changes to all existing text content
  • Up to 5 graphic changes per period, $8/graphic above 5
  • Up to 5 new pages inserted free of cost, $15/page above 5
  1. Monthly Update Level Investment $60/month
  2. Bi-weekly Update Level Investment $110/month
  3. Weekly Update Level Investment $200/month

Websites with 21-50 pages

Website Management Program includes:

  • Unlimited changes to all existing text content
  • Up to 10 graphic changes per period, $8/graphic above 10
  • Up to 10 new pages inserted per period, $15/page above 10
  1. Monthly Update Level Investment $150/month
  2. Bi-weekly Update Level Investment $280/month
  3. Weekly Update Level Investment $540/month

Websites with 51-100 pages

Website Management Program includes:

  • Unlimited changes to all existing text content
  • Up to 15 graphic changes per period, $8/graphic above 15
  • Up to 15 new pages inserted per period, $15/page above 15
  1. Monthly Update Level Investment $300/month
  2. Bi-weekly Update Level Investment $550/month
  3. Weekly Update Level Investment $1000/month

Websites with 100+ pages

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Website Hosting & Management Service

The fine print:

  • Each new page can have up to 2 added graphics. All other graphics are counted in the free graphic changes count or charged at the graphic rate if the count limit has been reached.
  • Management Programs do not include Redesigning home page and programming work, layout changes, Flash animation, database and ASP, PHP, CF, etc. programming work
  • The program free counts are not carried over to the next program term.
  • Extremely long or tabular data pages content insertion will count as multiple pages, or will be charged based on the plan’s hourly rate for extra work.
  • You will be notified of any and all extra charges before the site management work is carried out. All extra charges will be billed on a monthly basis.

Our Search Engine Optimization services are available in a number of custom packages tailored to meet every budget.

From small businesses to large corporations, Guello Marketing has the professionally trained staff and resources necessary to optimize your online presence.

For each of our valued Saginaw clients, we are able to employ successful Search Engine Optimization Services resulting in:

  • Increased Site traffic
  • Top search engine rankings
  • Increased brand visibility and recognition
  • Business growth
  • Larger profits

Our professional, yet affordable services include:

  • Initial Website Analysis
  • Key Phrase Research
  • Meta Data Implementation / Alteration
  • Internal Linking / Navigation
  • Image Optimization
  • Website Redesign (if needed)
  • Microformat Optimization
  • Ranking Reports
  • Original, Quality Content Development Specific to Your Saginaw Business
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • Detailed Visitor Analytics

There are a good number of businesses that can help you get listed or help you with Search Engine Optimization needs. So why should you choose us?

We utilize the latest tools

We’ve invested in the best tools to help us optimize your website. These tools help us analyze your site and determine areas that need to be addressed, as well as executing the improvements. It’s one of the reasons we can offer our professional services at such affordable rates.

We keep it in-house

We don’t outsource any element of your SEO work to other countries. This allows us total control over each project to maximize efficiency and results for our Saginaw clients.

We stay informed on all the newest SEO advancements and changes

We have team members that are dedicated to keeping us informed of changes and trends in the SEO world. In addition, our SEO Specialists keep abreast of all the emerging developments and approaches through ongoing training, ensuring that we’re always providing our Saginaw clients with the most current SEO practices, resulting in the highest possible impact to their website rankings.

We have the experience

Our SEO Specialists have a high level of experience in helping businesses and organizations greatly improve their websites. You can rest assured that your Saginaw businesses’ site will be in good hands.

We provide a full consultative approach

We’re more than just SEO Specialists. We’re also experts in marketing and consumer psychology. We leverage these skills to completely optimize your website. From colors, to structure flow, to images and even content – we help you get the most from your website. After all, your website is supposed to work for you by bringing in new business. With SEO services from Guello Marketing, you get so much more than traditional SEO.

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