Social media has greatly impacted the relationship between businesses and consumers in many ways. With the rapid increase in users, social media has allowed for companies to be able to connect with consumers in a more personal way. It has also allowed for companies to advertise a wider audience of people. With the recent growth of social media, it has become more important for companies to have social media profiles, especially smaller businesses. Here are five reasons why smaller businesses should involve social media into their marketing strategies in order to compete with larger businesses.

Exposure to a Wide Demographic

One of the many benefits that social media can bring to a small company is the opportunity to bring more brand awareness. Although social media attracts more of a younger demographic, people of all ages use it. Even the age group that has the least number of users, people over the age of 65, is increasing their user percentage every day.

Having this amount of exposure increases the amount of brand recognition greatly. Consumers are more likely to choose a service from a company that they recognize and hear positive feedback about. By having a social media platform, businesses are able to target a wider audience of people than if they chose to stick to more traditional ways of marketing.

Main News Source

Although people still use newspapers and news articles today, many people use social media as their main source for news. People prefer social media as their main news outlet because it is convenient and more personal. 

Social media platforms are free to all users, so therefore people find using social media as a better financial option rather than paying for more traditional forms of news. Through social media, people can post about recent news events frequently, while receiving feedback to be able to form opinions about a business.

Easier to Communicate

Social media has allowed for people to communicate with businesses. These sites are making it much easier for people to direct their customer service concerns to a social media profile.

Rather than having to email or call the business directly, these profiles allow for users to receive timely responses. How quickly a customer receives a response can ultimately affect the reputation of the company as well as its customer loyalty.


Social media is an important factor in terms of the reputation and trust it has with its consumers. Social media is powerful in that it can alter people’s opinions as well as consumer behavior.

Because social media has the ability to spread information in a short amount of time, it can also change people’s perception of a business. It allows people to get a sense if the company keeps its promises in the real world. These opinions are very important when it comes to the overall success of a company.

Easy Access to Competition

Social media can be an easy way to see how competitors are doing. Because social media allows people to express their opinions and customer satisfaction, it allows businesses to see peoples’ opinions about other companies. By having access to these opinion’s, companies can use this feedback in ways to improve their own business. 

Not all people have access to a social media profile, but it is important to consider the impact social media profiles can have on a business. Although it is hard to control what gets shared on social media and negative consumer reviews, social media plays an important role in a business. In order for smaller businesses to compete with larger companies, social media platforms are needed for the overall success of the company.

Have you considered building your social media image for your business? Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out where to start or how to even begin building brand awareness in an online market that is already congested with hundred of others businesses trying to do the same. Marketing can be a tedious effort, but it shouldn’t stop you. We have helped many businesses achieve brand awareness on all their social media platforms through advertising campaigns, personalized branding and monthly content calendars including relevant, informative posts that help build their online image and credibility.

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