Adding videos to website homepages or landing pages can immediately increase the rate of conversion. Videos help marketers build credibility because they add a human side, as compared to the copy on your landing page. To increase the rate of conversion, site homepages or landing pages should build trust among the target audience. And that’s exactly what adding a video does to your homepage page or squeeze/ landing pages. 

Content of the Video

It is vital to carefully identify the kind of content you are going to put in the video. What kind of message is your landing page or homepage video going to contain?

  • Does the video contain a message from the CEO of the company?
  • Does it include the important features of a product?
  • Is it going to be a how-to guide for the audience?
  • Does the video feature testimonials from clients?

In order to convert more and more users, you should present content that immediately builds credibility and compels them to complete an action on your site or squeeze/ landing page.

Length of The Video

Another important parameter in the process of video optimization is the duration of the video. How long is your video going to be? 

Though users love clicking and watching videos, they prefer spending 2-3 minutes on a video. And they expect the advertiser or the marketer or the company to convey the message in a short timeframe.

Location of The Video

Where would the video sit on the design of the landing page or website’s homepage? The most recommended location for positioning the video is the top left section on the page. 

This helps because most of the video sharing channels on the internet (including YouTube, Vimeo, and Metacafe) have videos playing in the top left. 

Users are accustomed to watching videos in this position. However, this is also recommended to test your video element for different locations on the designed page to find out what brings best results.

Audience Segmentation

One of the most crucial and critical parts of the video optimization process is segmenting your audience. 

By segmenting the users on your website or landing page, you’ll be able to distinguish between those who are highly responsive to the video and those who are under-performing. 

Equipped with this vital data, you can optimize the video, its content, and presentation for maximum reach of traffic.

Testing The Video

The key is to split-test the multiple elements of the video and its positioning to discover what creates the most impact. 

The sad part is that testing videos for conversion optimization is the most neglected part of the entire process.

Here are a couple of things that can be tested:

  • Location of the video 
  • Length of the video
  • Automatic play or press to play
  • Call to action
  • Quality of voiceover 
  • Use of animation


Adding quality videos with well thought out content can not only improve the rate of conversion, but also the quality of leads.  If you want to add videos to your squeeze page or homepage, following the above-mentioned tips will keep on the right track. And your videos will convert too!

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